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About Unitech Medical System

Unitech Medical Systems, a leading player in Medical equipment (Critical Care Division), specialises in ventilators and offers comprehensive services. As prominent importers of ICU Equipment, they serve customers locally and nationwide. With a strong industry presence, their commitment to customer satisfaction has fostered continuous growth. The dedicated team aligns efforts to realise the company's vision.

4 Advance technology
4 Comprehensive Services
4 Wide Range of ICU Equipment

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"The Aeonmed 7200A Anaesthesia system delivers precision and reliability, enhancing patient care. A doctor's trusted ally...."
"As a doctor, Resvent RV200 ventilator exceeds expectations. Reliable, efficient, and crucial for patient care. Highly recommend!..."
"As a healthcare professional, BMC BiPAP has become an indispensable tool in my practice, delivering unparalleled performance and elevating the standard of care...."